Chubby Champagne or Wine Bottle and Champagne Word Cookie Stencil


Chubby Champagne or Wine Bottle Cookie Cutter | Champagne 4-in-1 Word Cookie Stencil, Sold Separately

Original design by DDM exclusively for Sugartess Cutters. All rights reserved.

Cutter's approximate dimensions:
4" tall x 1.85" wide
5" tall x 2.30" wide
6" tall x 2.75" wide

The 4-Word-in-One stencil pairs with the 5", 5.5", 6", and 6.5" tall cookie cutters (one stencil for all four cutters).

• Move the stencil up and down to position the word CHAMPAGNE on the center of the bottle label.

• Use airbrush or apply royal icing to transfer the design onto the cookie or edible surface.

• Stencil size: 5.5 in x 5.5 in made from food safe plastic.


- Wash in warm soapy water

- Pat dry between a soft cloth and store flat


Our cutters are offered in different sizes ranging from 2 to 6 inches in height, depending on the design. Please contact us if the desired size is not shown.

All our cutters are made from quality PLA biodegradable plastic. Our cookie cutter designs have a 5 mm wide grip for comfort when used, a 17 mm tapered blade to allow for a clean crisp cut, and a reinforced base to give them extra strength. Our store's standard PLA color is red. However, colors of ordered cookie cutters may vary.


** Cutters are HAND WASH ONLY in lukewarm / cool water. **


Exposure to heat or to hot water will surely warp / damage your PLA cutters. We recommend that you soak them in soapy water after each use and gently clean with a soft brush (a new toothbrush would do -only to be used for this purpose). Dough residue may accumulate between the very fine layers of the cutter walls.

If used and stored properly / protected, our cutters will last! It’s better to store them individually wrapped in tissue paper or inside plastic bags for durability. Avoid storing them with metal cutters, as these can damage your PLA cutters.


Cutters are made to order (we do not keep inventory) and can take 3-5 days to ship, unless otherwise indicated / announced. We always do our best to ship all orders as quickly as possible!

We ship USPS First Class mail.

 Sorry… no returns or exchanges. Please contact us should you have any problems with your order.

 THANK YOU FOR SHOPPING WITH US! Happy baking and decorating... 

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Disclosure: All our cookie cutter designs are original artwork or are inspired by purchased commercial clipart.


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