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We would love to hear from you! Your questions, concerns, feedback, and recommendations are important to us. Contact us by completing the form below or via email: sugartess.info@gmail.com

Please note that our warranty on PLA 3D printed cookie cutters covers printing / manufacturing defects onlyOur cutters are designed to be resistant and we only use quality PLA. We inspect each cutter for quality before shipping and have a very low margin of error in the process (occasionally, one may scape our scrutinizing eyes). Very minor imperfections and texture due to the nature of the 3D printing is possible and acceptable. Due to the PLA material used for 3D printed and the nature of a cookie cutter (comes in contact with food), we cannot accept returns / exchanges. However, please feel free to contact us should you have questions or need further assistance.



Be happy... bake and decorate cookies!