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3D Cookie Mailbox with Love Letter and Hearts

3D Cookie Mailbox with Love Letter and Hearts

With Valentine's day around the corner, I wanted to work on a 3D cookie project to share in my blog's first entry. I decided to go with a shabby chic mailbox that has been turning around in my mind for a few weeks! The beauty of this concept is that it can be used all year round. ;) Oh, by the way... I love 3D cookie projects, so you'll be seeing a lot of those here. Yes... I know what you're thinking... but I cannot simply avoid it; I've always loved challenges and believe, in my hearts of hearts, that I will always do!

Well, back to the cookie business we were discussing...

The first step was to design the mailbox, give it the desired dimensions, and finally create the templates out of a cornflakes box. Before investing in a cookie cutter, I like to cut out my cookie shapes out of cardboard because they're sturdy enough for when you're cutting the dough. Cornflakes boxes are ideal for this! By the way... I use an exacto knife for cutting curved lines on cookie dough and a kitchen knife with a long blade for straight lines. So, now you know how to recycle your cornflakes boxes! Yes... that is yet another thing us cookie people have to stock up on! Sigh...

3D cookie projects can be challenging because of the measurements. You also have to think on the thickness you'll be giving the dough to make the project sturdy enough, but not too heavy that it'll be difficult to handle. Thin cookies may be too fragile... at least in some areas. Although I have my 3D printers and love printing my personal cookie cutters, I always go for the cardboard template first. I create the "prototype" cookie project, make any necessary adjustments and then... just then... I print them!

I Decided to go with a very girly, shabby chic design and non-traditional Valentine's colors... well, just because! I also wanted to add some texture to it the cookie mailbox, so I decided to decorate it with brush embroidery roses. and... the cookies would have to be hand painted, of course! :)

Now, and I know that's what you're thinking... What is the challenge? Aha... yes... the challenge! Well, I will tell you with no further delay: the mailbox's curved top! Yes, because a mail box without a curved top is NOT a mailbox... don't you agree?

The next step was to solve the matter of the curved mailbox top. How to bake the curved cookie top? After some research, I did find a possible solution, bought it... and voila... it worked!

The other challenge was solving the opening of the the front part of the cookie box. I originally envisioned it as a completely edible cookie mailbox to be given to your significant other, a bff, your child (or children), your mother, your father, your boss, your neighbor, your cousin... well, you get the idea! Yes... a 3D cookie mailbox, with curved top, and opening front door!

Now, what is a mailbox without a letter or card? Moreover... what is a Valentine's cookie mailbox without hearts? I created these cookie elements to go with the project. So now, we have a 3D cookie mailbox, with curved top, opening front door... and surprise cookies inside! The perfect Valentine's gift!!!! :)

The original templates and cookie mailbox prototype needed some tweaking and redimensioning. This project's cookie cutters will soon be available in my shop. I'm also seriously considering teaching this project in the near future. Would you be interested?

Materials used in this project:

- Cookie parts

- Paint brushes

- White royal icing - flooding consistency

- White royal icing - stiff consistency for brush embroidery, finishing details and cookie "glue"

- Corn starch & AmeriColor Bright White color gel (for crackling paste)

- Artisan Accents Sunshine Yellow color gel

- Artisan Accents Sunshine Yellow with a touch of Leaf Green color gel

- Artisan Accents Pink-Alicious color gel

- Artisan Accents Sunshine Yellow with a touch of Hot Rod Red color gel

- Everclear Grain Alcohol (for diluting gel colors); Alcohol 70% will work too

- Light Yellow, Mushroom Brown, Magenta / Fuchsia & Gold petal dusts (for color accents)

- Sugar nonpareils (2 green jumbo beads, 3 small white beads, 4 heart-shaped)

- 6-7 inches of thin twine cord



 3D Cookie Mailbox Set





 Front view; open mailbox


 Top view


Left side view; different matching color palette 


Back view



 Thank you for visiting! The cookie cutter set for this project will soon be posted in our shop, so please stay in tune!

Happy baking and "sugar art-ing"!